Authentic handicrafts from Nepal, India & Tibet

Authentic handicrafts from Nepal, India & Tibet

The Wholesale hub for all types of handicrafts from the subcontinent.

Indo Nepal is pioneer online shop for all kinds of handicrafts from Nepal, India & Tibet.  We closely work with artists, manufacturers and traders for the best quality handmade products. Each of our products passes through the strict quality control department.

If you are looking to import or buy the handicrafts that is produced in Nepal, India & Tibet then you are in the right place. We can deliver the goods in very reasonable price maintaining the quality of the products.

Indo Nepal Mart has lots of satisfying customers worldwide including UK, SPAIN, DENMARK, AUSTRALIA, ITALY & USA. We wholesale Cashmere pashmina, Rugs, Christmas ornaments, Kashmiri shawls; Wool felt products, Silver Jewelry, Tibetian arts, Statues, Scuplptures, Beads, Garments and many other products.

We sincerely follows the principal of Fair Trade, All craftsman, artists, and designers are paid up front with the wages far above the market rates, we are strictly against the practice of child labor and we do certify that none of our products involves children at any point of the manufacturing process.

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